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A New Prophetic Movement

The visible church has gone through many changes over the years.

Today we have what is known as Charismatic Churches, we have Prophetic Churches, and we have Apostolic Churches. Then we have the original traditional churches such as Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and others, which simply remained in their original foundations.

But it is time for God to move again in a fresh way as He has done in times past when all of these original movements were created.

And what better time for this to begin to manifest, than in a Church that has just come through a worldwide pandemic that sought to destroy its very foundations?

It is time for a New Prophetic Movement that will be similar to the original Charismatic Movement. It will break through the bounds and limitations of the existing systems and manifest in every church group that exists today.

A Movement For All Believers

The main characteristic of this new movement is that it will not be limited to only the leaders in the Church. But it will have an effect, and be available to, every believer in the Body of Christ.

The Apostle Paul taught and encouraged believers in his day to seek more than anything else, to flow in the ministry of prophecy.

1 Corinthians 14: 1 Pursue [agape] love, and passionately desire spiritual [gifts], but mostly that you may prophesy. [GBMV]

God is about to make this a reality in the Body of Christ by igniting every born-again believer to embrace the Prophetic Ministry in a new way.

As always, we at GBMI remain on the cutting edge of what God is doing. And to help this movement rise up and succeed, we have set in place this brand new school to help those who desire to be used in the Prophetic Ministry.

During the pandemic, we were training believers in our School of the Supernatural to embrace the supernatural power of God. But now that the pandemic is over, we can return to our full Fivefold Training Schools. It is time for us to launch and present this Prophetic School, dedicated specifically to the Ministry of Prophecy.

If you have the desire to prophesy or flow in prophetic ministry, then now is the time to jump on board and become part of those who will be first to get their feet wet in this new approach to Prophetic Ministry.

Then, if the Lord leads you to the fuller ministry of the Prophet, you can proceed to the higher levels of training. And this Prophetic School will now equip you to rise up into the full Prophetic Office.

The Pastoral Calling

Become Part of This New Move

This school was created in obedience to the Lord’s instruction to us to offer training and resources to help every believer learn how to flow in Prophetic Ministry.

We are offering you, not only teaching, but mentorship, impartation, and activation as a student of the GBM School of Prophecy. Here you will learn how the Prophetic Ministry works and how you can begin to exercise such a ministry, even if you have never done any kind of ministry before.

Even if you are called to move up into some of the higher levels of ministry in the Fivefold Ministry, you will greatly benefit from the first lessons in this school, because of its completely practical approach to the subject.

The materials are simple enough for any believer at any level to grasp but intensive enough for even mature ministers to embrace.

Gbm Bookshop

Access To GBM Books

As a student and partner of Global Business Ministries, you will get full access to every book written by Apostles Les and Daphne Crause on the new GBM Book website at

There you will also be able to search for material on specific topics and thus supplement your training with quality teaching.

Ministry Via WhatsApp

You will not only receive cutting-edge teachings but also personal ministry via a special WhatsApp group, where you can fellowship and receive personal ministry along with other students.

Students are required to have downloaded and installed WhatsApp on their mobile phones. This app is free and can be linked to an app on a laptop or desktop computer to allow you to communicate using the keyboard of the computer instead of the limited-screen keyboard on your phone.

Cutting Edge Teachings via Video, Audio, and Text

All lessons are available in the form of Video teachings which the student can either watch online or download to watch at their ease.

For those who prefer audio or reading printed text, each lecture will also be available as an MP3 audio download or .pdf ebook which can all be downloaded to your laptop, or to your mobile device if it allows downloads.

If You Hunger And Thirst For More of Him

We are looking for those whose hearts are yearning for more of the Lord Jesus and His mighty power in their lives.

1. If you long to experience His power in your life, and are ready and willing to take that power out into this dark world.

2. If you are ready to extend God’s Kingdom into the earth and displace the Realm of Darkness.

3. If you want to see signs and wonders, miracles, and lives transformed by the power of God.

4. If you are prepared to do what it takes to be an instrument of blessing in the hands of the Lord.

Then we would like to welcome you to the GBM Prophetic School